The lyrics to the songs featured on Songs of Experience, including 'The Little things that give you away'.


Possible song titles for Songs of Experience

Here's a list of song titles that have been mentioned by the members of U2 in the context of songs being recorded for the Songs of Experience album.

These are just names, they are not confirmed in any way.

As is usually the case for a lot of U2 songs, these will be working names and are not necessarily songs that progressed beyond the demo stage. They could have simply been left as lyrics on a page or an idea in The Edge's mind.

"Where The Shadows Fall"
"Much More Better"
"The Little Things That Give You Away"
"Get Out Of Your Own Way"'
"Red Flag Day"
"Instrument Flying"
"The Morning After Innocence" 
U2 appears to be working hard on the album - Adam recently let a bit of music into the wild. Hopefully the album with be released this side of Christmas 2016! 

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