The lyrics to the songs featured on Songs of Experience, including 'The Little things that give you away'.


When will U2's Songs of Experience be released?

Well while Bono did say the album would be released 'soon enough' he has now said of the album's release:

"There's a poet called William Blake who had a big influence on me growing up, and he had these two books of poetry -- Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience -- and it gave him a device, really, to be able to write about the past ... gave us a device to be able to write about the past, while at the same time writing about what's going on now.

But I kept those thoughts for Songs Of Experience and they'll be coming out when they're finished, which, I don't think will be too long -- a year, year-and-a-half maybe. But I'm not very reliable on release dates!"

So we will hear it when we hear it.... 

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